Our Amazing Journey

Hi everybody,

It's been six-and-a-half years since peg.gd went live with its simple premise and extremely questionable domain name. Since then, we're hosting over 50,000 pages for people all over the world.

Of course, if I start an article like that, you see where this is going. Originally envisioned as a tool to help students, tech workers, moms, dads, sisters and brothers take and share quick, text-based notes, peg.gd is primarily being used now by SEO ding-a-lings to drive up page-ranks (or some other kind of search engine hand-waving). In any case, it's not serving the purpose it was intended for. These people are creating pages programatically on the order of one per minute, which is also not what we intended for the site.

So, starting today, peg.gd will be going read-only. We promised early on to host your pages for as long as we're able, and we're keeping that promise -- eventually moving all of peg.gd to a long-term home on Amazon S3. This does mean, however, that no new pages can be created. Additionally, the feature (that almost nobody used) of adding .txt or .json to your filenames will be going away.

We understand this may be distressing to you, especially so suddenly. If you have urgent, legitimate work that needs to be finished or updated on peg.gd, please let us know with an email and we'll be happy to work with you to make sure your dissertation gets filed or whatever.

If you're looking for another place to put your work, consider gist or Medium. They're great, plus, they're served over https, which peg.gd will never be, not in a million years.

I appreciate the support we've gotten over the years, and hope that you (at least once) found peg.gd useful.

Thanks, and take care!

Robert from Honest Code

Last updated 11 days ago on May 15, 2017 11:24 am