Bacon Ray - “Tomfoolery” 7-inch (AAJ Records, 1995)

Bacon Ray- Queen (Front)

(Cover of Stephen Fox's copy of "Tomfoolery." Here's More »)

  • Released: 1995
  • Label: Albert Ayler's Jukebox Records
  • Produced by: Tommy Hamilton at Georgia Street Studio
  • Personnel:
    • Mike Coleman: Guitar, Bass, Vox
    • Jason Emmett: Guitar
    • Bruce Hamilton: Drums
    • Merlin Mann: Guitar, Bass, Vox
  • Tracks [MP3s]:
    1. Tomfoolery
      • Vocals: Mike Coleman
    2. Plica Plica
      • Instrumental
    3. Sundays in a Row
      • Vocals: Merlin Mann

Tomfoolery Covers

The sleeve on every copy of "Tomfoolery" featured a unique, one-off collage design comprised of portions from one or more used LPs Jason Emmett had rescued from the "Vinyl Fever" bargain bin.

From the collection of f6x

Madonna (front)

Bacon Ray- Maddie (Front)

Madonna (back)

Bacon Ray- Maddie (Back)

Madonna (insert)

Bacon Ray- Tomfoolery (Insert)

Madonna (lagniappe)

Bacon Ray- Maddie (Insert)

Queen (front)

Bacon Ray- Queen (Front)

Queen (back)

Bacon Ray- Queen (Back)

Thanks, Stephen.

From the collection of chris-lawrence

America Hat Trick (front)

Bacon Ray Tomfoolery 7

America Hat Trick (back)

Bacon Ray Tomfoolery 7

Thanks, Chris.

From the collection of foolio

Psychedelic (front)

Tomfoolery 7

Psychedelic (back)

Tomfoolery 7

Thanks, Michael.

From the collection of arbo

Flickr: a r b o's Photostream

Thanks, Arbo.

Hey: If you still have your copy of "Tomfoolery" and would like to see its just-for-you cover art preserved for posterity here, please hit Merlin up with an "@hotdogsladies" message hashed with #tomfoolery. Thanks.

Bacon Ray - Outgroove


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